JANUARY 2018: Sullivans Wild Scotland - Rivers

I spent a couple of days working with mates Andrew O'Donnel (A very talented wildlife cameraman, songwriter, editor, story teller etc) and Blaine Abercrombie ( A talented Actor).  I was to do a bit of drone filming for the film which I have done before on the previous film Sullivans Winter, Well worth a watch (I've included below under Rivers)

In Rivers I just did a bit at the end of the film as Andrew did most of his own.  We also needed a canoe (mine from the back garden) and I had to do a bit of acting as a nod to Deliverance (1972 Burt Reynolds).  It was great fun and worked out well.

Andrew's company is called Beluga Lagoon and his films including the BBC Social shorts are always worth watching as he has a very different presentation to any other wildlife filmmakers with a good bit of comedy in there too.


Join Sullivan as he explores Scotland's Rivers and looks for the creatures that live there. Filmed & Directed by Andrew O'Donnell With Blane Abercrombie. https://www.facebook.com/belugalagoon/?ref=bookmarks https://twitter.com/BelugaLagoon Soundtrack available @ https://soundcloud.com/beluga-lagoon belugalagoon.alba@gmail.com All rights reserved by Beluga Lagoon Films.
Join Sullivan as he explores Wild Scotland during the most magical time of year. Winter! Filmed and Directed by Andrew O'Donnell With Blane Abercrombie Areal Cinematography by Kirk Watson Original Soundtrack by Beluga Lagoon https://www.facebook.com/belugalagoon/

DECEMBER: Filming entrepreneurs that might change the world, hopefully

A super interesting time filming for Unreasonable Impact sponsored by Barclays.  

Unreasonable Impact is well worth a look www.unreasonableimpact.com the people who run this and are attending on it are incredibly inspirational.  I filmed with my GH5 and drone, Interviews, GV's and shots of workshops and talks.  Worked with a great team, Rupert (filmmaker), Chad (photographer) and Jessy (sound person).

NOVEMBER 2017: A film for Galiford Try

I spent a few weeks piecing together the footage from a few different people who worked on this project to try and come out with a professional looking film.  Always tricky when you weren't there to film it yourself.  Interesting to see the build on a remote place.

I first started doing some films for Galiford Try after working with them in Antarctica on the Halley VI project which I think finished in 2012.  A short snippet below of this for your interest.

Construction of the new Health Facility on Tristan Da Cunha. Designed by Hugh Broughton Architects and constructed by Galliford Try
Halley VI build, the trailer. A state of the art station being built in Antarctica and was finished this year 2012. The building is like no other ever built before in Antarctica. It took many people from all over the world to put it together in a hostile environment with blizzards and freezing temperatures.

OCTOBER 2017: Aviemore Half Marathon

Aviemore half marathon was on and www.badaguish.org asked myself to make a film of it.  It was a very quick hit day running around trying to get shots during the race which doesn't last very long.  Good exercise for me.

The Aviemore Half Marathon is fundraising event for the Speyside Trust, a small Scottish Charity giving disabled people the opportunity to have an activity holiday in the care of our 24 hour respite team.


Here I joint the team run by Liam and Graeme who own www.mountainandwatersafety.co.uk to cover the safety mainly on the River Etive but also in other places.  There were a good bunch of us and it involved quite a lot of technical water scenarios with ever changing water levels.

Few pics below showing the changing river, no revealing pics of the actual film set until after the film comes out:)  The big crane in the water was when the river came up about 3-4 meters over night!  We got the crane out safely and we had attached it to the rock using climbing protection which held well:)

Clickon the image to scroll through the slide show:)

OCTOBER 2017: Mountain and water Safety on Mary Queen of Scots

For a weeks this month I headed up the safety on Mary Queen of Scots for www.mountainandwatersafety.co.uk with a team of around 16.  We had some porters there and the rest were doing safety for a large battle scene that would take place in a river and steep banks with 40 stunt people.

Building a floating camera platform

Building a floating camera platform

Camera platform ready and easy to position anywhere on the river

Camera platform ready and easy to position anywhere on the river

Once the film is out I shall post some more reviewing images of the behind the scenes:)

Once the film is out I shall post some more reviewing images of the behind the scenes:)

SEPTEMBER 2017: Less Castle the Isle of Lewis

I headed out to Lewis and Harris for a week with a mate Rupert (www.rupertshanks.com) to make a promotional film for Natural Retreats.  We had a great time going round filming the Islands and working with some actors/staff to produce the below film.  I did the aerials and second camera and Rupert did camera produced the films to there final products.

The main film is below

From beaches and crystal clear waters that rival luxury tropical islands, to its rich history and stunning scenery, this remote and spectacular destination in the Outer Hebrides is the perfect venue for wonderful memories. Overlooking Stornoway harbour, the impressive gothic-revival style castle was built in the mid 1800's by Sir James Matheson.

AUGUST 2017: Water Safety on a Netflix film

This month I did quite a bit of recci work and some water safety for the Netflix film Outlaw King.  Back to my old trade as a mountain and Canoe Instructor:)  Always interesting to see how the big budget guys do things.

I do my film safety through a company called www.mountainandwatersafety.co.uk who are the folk to go to for Film and Television mountain and water safety as they do all the big budget films that come to Scotland.

On Skye looking into spots for Outlaw King

On Skye looking into spots for Outlaw King

Water safety here for cameras and stunts to try the place out

Water safety here for cameras and stunts to try the place out

August 2017: Drone recci for a big Scottish film

I had a day up in Glen Feshie in the Cairngorms to carry out a drone recci for the DOP John Mathieson for the upcoming film Mary Queen of Scots.  It was a good day out meeting all the crew that I would be working with later in the year during the actual shoot.

Drone set up for a wee flight

Drone set up for a wee flight

We had quite a few land rovers and they were needed:)

We had quite a few land rovers and they were needed:)

JULY 2017: Filming instructional films for Glenmore Lodge

With the Glenmore Lodge instructors we headed to Reiff in the North West of Scotland to make several instructional films on Single Pitch Climbing.  We lucked out with the weather and got many films made.  This is where it helps when my past career was as a Mountain Instructor so I understand what is going on and can picture exactly how to put the films together.  I was using my Mavic pro drone, GH5 and Oslo here for the filming of these clips.  We also headed up in to the mountains one day too.  A fun bunch of days with a good group of people.

Below is the first video of the playlist on Single Pitch climbing

Visit our website http://www.glenmorelodge.org.uk or call us on 01479 861256 This film gives an introduction to single pitch rock climbing. It is the first in a series of 17 films. We run through walking to the crag, using the guide book, checking weather and locating your climb.

JULY 2017: Drone filming for BBC 2 on "Secret Agent Selection, WW2"

I spent two weeks working with the Wall to Wall crew doing all the aerials for this five part living history series. It was a fun few weeks with a good crew and different flying for me each day.  The best day by far for me was having the use of a steam train (www.strathspeyrailway.co.uk) for a morning to get as many interesting shots as possible in the time.  The most exciting was flying straight towards it two feet above the tracks as it came full steam towards me and then rising up through its steam and over the top of the carriages.  The shots of this day were used in the opening sequences to each episode.

Screen grab from the drone footage

Screen grab from the drone footage

JUNE 2017: Jacobite Drone filming on Loch Ness

I headed out for my second time filming from a moving boat with my drone.  Always exciting especially with their return to home functions when the home point is now 4 km behind you:) I have gotten used to it now though and it was a fun day out

fergus kirk boat.jpg

On this project I was working for Fergus Thom a local filmmaker www.cinestag.co.  Fergus shot all the ground shots and edited the film.  The film was for www.jacobite.co.uk.

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JUNE 2017: Flying for Freedom, WW1 Western Front

An incredible three weeks filming with Flying for Freedom in flex-wing microlights.  We did our first sea crossing over the Channel then flew the front lines of WW1 100 years to the day sometimes within an hour (and 100 years) of when Britain took the lines back from the Nazis.

I have done all of Flying for Freedoms filming since 2012 you can check out their films at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4VcFnKqTr-i2EsQrjVxvgA

Below is one of the ten films made during this trip all made on the laptop while camping:)

The team head to visit Lochnagar Crater, a huge crater (70m Deep) created by an underground explosion in mines below the German stronghold. The British tunnel from behind our lines at an angle downhill then horizontally across underneath our lines and forward to the German lines.