NOVEMBER 2018 - ITV 'This Morning'

I was asked to take part as a drone operator to film a bit in Scotland for ‘This Morning’ ITV. This grew to me filming everything with Drone and ground cameras and doing the sound and lighting. A very busy but fun day filming about ‘The art of the Coorie’ A word I just heard about at the the time. West coast word I believe.

We filmed in several local locations around Aviemore and with many locals I knew. River, loch, swimmers, hills, forest and indoor scenes and finishing with a pub scene:)

NOVEMBER 2018 - In house safety training

Today I spent a day taking part in some in house safety training with This is the company I do a bit of work for doing the safety on the big film sets like Mary Queen of Scots, Outlaw King ($100m budget) and Pokemon ($130m budget) this past year.

We headed out into the sea to do some sea rescues and coasteering. A few of the team are specialists in this and many of us are more mountain and river based so great to get some gems of info from them. Also to get hands on swimming with a casualty back to shore through the waves. Pretty hard work!


NOVEMBER 2018 - Wavesport Kayak Advert

A few days spent with a great bunch of guys and girls filming the new Pheonix kayak to make an advert and a few Instagram short pieces for its launch. River levels were low the first day but we still managed some good angles that made it look better. The second day filming we had much larger water levels on the Falloch that worked brilliantly in-between the rain:) Ed Smith a brilliant kayaker himself was out getting the inspiring stills for the launch too.

NOVEMBER 2018 - Japanese Television NHK.

A bit of drone filming for my fourth Japanese job this year. This time a TV Series on British Aristocrats. A couple of stills from the day. The trees did look cool as the long shadows of this time of year stay with us on the sunny days.

NOVEMBER 2018 - Russwood timber films

Several films I made with local timber company Russwood went live this month.

Russwood offer an extensive range of external cladding, including locally grown Scottish Larch, Siberian Larch, Architect Select® Western Red Cedar, and Accoya®, as well as solid and engineered European oak flooring and naturally durable commercial decking. As timber specialists, we pride ourselves in offering unrivalled technical advice to assist our customers in achieving their project vision.

SEPTEMBER 2018 - Salmon fishing film

It was great to film some fly fishing on the River Tay and spend some time with the Gillies and fishermen. Filming from the air here was great and the drone always works well with the fly cast.

The film will be up soon on the website:

Great review from Jock Monteith who runs the company:

“Having vast experience of some of Scotland's brilliant TV producers on the riverbanks of Scotland it was a true breath of fresh air to gain the professional eye and experience of Kirk Watson who is indeed a 'true' master of drone flight and has 'real' flair for creating true masterpieces at a reasonable cost. Any of my future salmon river filming requirements will be directed only to him and I cannot recommend Kirk highly enough.”

JULY 2018: Faroe Islands with DJI Inspire 2 and NHK Japan

I have always wanted to go to the Faroe Islands and it was great to be invited by the Japanese to continue with the TV program on European Islands.  It is a fantastic place.  A bit like Northern Skye with bigger cliffs, waterfalls and more of it:)  Travelled on a Carnet with the DJI Inspire 2 and X7 Camera for this 4K TV Show.  In the Faroe you must be insured but no licence required and they have their own rules which are a bit different from UK Laws.  Inspiring place to film though.


A new aerial showreel for Perfect View productions from jobs working as a Drone pilot in Scotland over the past year.  I had a bit of spare time this week so good to put this together.  I hope you enjoy it:)

New drone showreel of Scotland for This showreel shows a few highlights from the last 12 months of work with my drones:) The first eight clips are the Cairngorms near home. This was my first trip out on my own with the new DJI Inspire 2 with X7 Camera before a few jobs I had with it so I could get used to it. The best new thing apart from the great footage from 14 stops of dynamic range is the fact I have four prime lenses. You’ll see from the clip of myself walking on Facial Ridge the 50mm (35mm equivalent to 77mm) is great for giving a different look from the standard wide angle drones all have. Brings the background closer to me in this shot. Same lens was used with the shot of the top of Shelterstone crag and the couple on the summit of Ben MacDui. The next five clips are of the Strathspey Steam engine (based in Aviemore). This was an awesome day on the job where I had sole use of the train for my filming:) I used the DJI Inspire 1. Then we head to the Western Isles for seven shots with the opening shot of the CalMac ferry coming into Stornaway. This is within the ATZ of the local airport so I had to co-ordinate this flying with Air Traffic control to do this. They were super friendly like everyone out on the Western isles:) Some great beaches and seascapes out here. A wave sport kayak clip from the Moray Coast was thrown in here to from an advert I made. Into a bit of Rock Climbing next while filming for Glenmore Lodge and their youtube channel. First two shots are at Reiff climbing then onto Stac Pollaidh for a mountain day. The long shot of panning round into Dave and Jon climbing is one of my favourite. The shot was too long to play in full for a showreel. It does make for a very atmospheric shot though. These were all filmed with the DJI Mavic Pro. (easiest drone to climb a hill with:) The 32nd shot with the old tree, is a sunset shot of Cairngorm with the 50mm lens on the X7 Camera. 3 shots of an Army truck for a TV program. With the Mavic and Inspire 1. The third shot was in an amazing corridor of trees that were super tall. This was filmed on an estate in Aberdeenshire where the crew stayed and filmed for part of the show. Two tree shots to swap from summer to winter. Summer shot from the X7 camera and the winter one from the Mavic. I do love the trees covered in snow in the winter. Few winter shots of Glenmore lodge filming of Mountaineering skills and Ski mountaineering. We then finish on several shots from the summit of Sgor Gaoith in the Cairngorms. These shot were with the Mavic Pro for a Casio GPS watch advert. The tops of the hills were clear for only 30 minutes that day (I know this from friends running ski mountaineering courses up on the tops that day) and we happened to be there on the summit just as it cleared. Great shots and would be very hard to re-create again but hopefully I will:) If you ever need a drone pilot for your shoot give me a shout and check out my website

JULY 2018: Drone Filming on Sark Island in the Channel Isles

Off to Sark island with the DJI Inspire 2 and X7 Camera to be a drone pilot on a NHK Television show about European Islands.  This is my fifth Job with Japanese Television, most of which have been NHK and they are great to work with.  Brilliant team of folk.

Permissions were tricky here but got permission to fly from a boat no closer than 150m from the Island.  Fortunately I no longer just have one set wide angle lens I have four prime lenses so I can appear much closer to a subject.  One of the days I took to using the X7 Camera for a bit of steady cam cinematography on the Island and it work really well running alongside the horse and carriages (as no vehicles apart from tractors on the Island).  Also managed a whole bunch of dolly shots and crane shots with it.  The director was super chuffed as they had only the FS7 Mark 2 (great footage from this machine) with sticks for shooting and a bit of handheld but never quite the same as with a gimbal and a steady walking man:)

JUNE 2018: DJI Inspire 2 with X7 Camera arrives

Very exciting this month as the new DJI Inspire 2 with X7 Camera with four prime lenses and all the other bits arrives at Perfect View Productions Ltd ready to up the came of the company.   It is a real beast and some beautiful imagery from it hopefully in July I'll pop some of my own footage out as busy with a few jobs for Television with it first.

kirk with camera and drone.jpg

JUNE 2018: World Heritage TV Program on the Lake District

I headed to the Lake District to film for Japanese television about the World heritage site.  We travelled round a fair bit and visited a few key places of Peter Rabbit and his author.  We also filmed a wedding.