I have been involved and still am with the National Outdoor Centre, Glenmore Lodge making training films and promotional films.  I have developed their youtube presence with a channel and over 180 films.  They now have 13600 subscribers and over 2.5 million views on their channel.

A promo film I wrote, filmed and edited for their Mountain Ski Leader Award it is aimed at those who wish to lead mountain ski touring parties in the British Hills. It is a 5 day training and assessment course which after successful completion leads to a qualification.


Endeavour fund film to be used at fund raisers and on the website of the charity.

A film for Beyond Adventure to market their Spey descent canoe trip 

 The Spey descent is the classic Scottish river descent, culminating in fantastic views out to sea at Spey Bay, possibly paddling alongside seals that have entered the mouth of the river and observing dolphins in the bay.

A film to advertise WEMSI and there Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician course

This is a short film I popped together to give a taster of the WEMSI Wilderness emergency medical technician course. I attended the first responder course the week before which was also brilliant. Climbers, expedition leaders, mountain rescue, doctors and kayakers attended this to better there medical knowledge.

A film written, produced and edited for The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust and the Foreign Office.  

Very different from other films I have been part of, this involved a lot of research and acquiring archive material right back to the early 1900's.  I then had to find ways to process this material from many formats to work in a modern day editing suite. 

An introduction to the discovery and history of Whalers Bay Deception Island, Antarctica, as well as a guide to what you may see today on your visit. This briefing film has been created by Kirk Watson on behalf of the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, to provide an informative briefing film for tourists visiting Deception Island.

Sponsors film for the Charity Flying for Freedom

Flying for Freedom aims to get wounded and injured servicemen and women into the air and unlike other flying charties start organising expeditions once they have their licence.

Film made for Galliford Try of the Halley VI award winning building being built in Antarctica.