MAY 2019: CASIO F30: The making of film

Here is a little look back at the second Casio watch advert I have made over the past 12 months. This goes into the details of what goes on behind the scenes and how Scottish weather can make things change quite a lot!

Just noticed this was a while back and I definitely look that 3 and 1/2 stone heavier than I am now, kept me solid on the windy days though hahaha;)

Had a great team with Warren the script writer and presenter and initial ideas man from Casio. Then we added into the mix this time: Joe Kirk (kayaker and biker), Jess Creber (biker), Iain Rudkin (photographer) and Will Copestake (photographer).

Have a look below and the actual advert is below that again:)

APRIL 2019 - Gino D'Acampo in Sardinia for ITV 'This Morning"

Headed out for another This morning cooking show the last one was in Scotland with John Torode and this one to Sardina, Italy for Gino D’Acampo. We had a great fun week once the sun came out so we could show off this lovely place in the sunlight:)

Very good Crack with Gino, a great guy and very funny. The team was also awesome Natalie as Director, myself as DOP and Drone, Will on second Camera, Rich on Sound and Julia as Home economics person. We all worked well together and should be a great six pieces starting in a few weeks time.

We finished the week with a Ferrari scene. This was awesome I have to say:)


APRIL 2019 - Wow Scotland filming on Skye

A few days of Filming with Gordon of WOW Scotland. One to get the new bus into a previous film linked below and to show the new corporate image of this family business and the other day round Loch Ness, Culloden Battlefield etc to cover a separate tour. Great fun and lucky on the weather front for these:)

MARCH 2019 - ITV filming about the wilderness link to mental health

Great day out filming for ‘This Morning’ ITV with Simon (ex Blue Peter presenter) and Will Thomas the director and Ross the sound man:) We filmed in Glen Tilt part of Atholl Estates with several Teenagers. Super interesting hearing everyones stories.

MARCH 2019 - Filming the Adventure Syndicate

A day out filming with Lee and Jenny. I even had to get on my bike for over 20 miles. Trying to keep up with ex British mountain bike champion and the women who holds the around the world female record!

Was a fun day out to make an advert. Tiny clip of a few shots below:)

FEBRUARY 2019 - Look back at Casio Watch film

So myself and Warren (Casio man) collaborated on our second Casio film. Also pulled into the fold was a pregnant Jess Creber (now a mother) and Joe Kirk (has a great second name) who would help out with some riding and Joe with some Kayaking and stunts.

The film below which I was very worried would not get many views as Casio popped a 9 second title at the beginning which is always going to reduce your views on youtube as people often switch off when given titles straight away much better to get straight into the story (those first 3 seconds are important:). Anyway it seems to be doing alright on youtube now with 82K views.

We shot over 5 days and had pretty long days and often had to change locations the night before and sometimes on the morning due to the weather being very fickle during the week. But we pulled it off and achieved everything that was on our storyboard we’d prepped in the previous months.

Always great fun making these films as there is such a variety to them, enjoy.

Join us as we take on the Scottish wilderness with the new WSD-F30! With a newly improved battery life of up to 3 days as well as an LCD mode with Compass, Altimeter & Barometer the F30 lets you explore and navigate longer for over a month on a single charge.

Below is the first Film that Warren and myself collaborated on. It has done very well with 795K views so far:)

G-SHOCK UK RANGEMAN GPR-B1000-1ER from Master of G, LAND Collection Part of the MASTER OF G series of watches designed for use in the most extreme conditions, the all new RANGEMAN challenges the limits of what a timepiece can be in true G-SHOCK style - the World's First*1 Solar-Assisted*2 GPS Navigation for the G-SHOCK RANGEMAN.

FEBRUARY 2019 - Filming in a Blizzard

It has not been the snowiest winter this year. Saying this for our intention of filming Winter Navigation for the Glenmore Lodge youtube channel, we seemed to be blessed with lovely weather………....for navigation:) Very challenging to film in though, mainly for the number lens cloths I had to use:)

I have been making youtube films for Glenmore Lodge for a few years now, making over 200 films so far some 15 minutes and some 90 seconds. They have almost 20K subscribers and 3.5 million views so far:)

FEBRUARY 2019 - Sweden with Flying for Freedom

I headed to Sweden for a few weeks with ‘Flying for Freedom’. This is a group who work with wounded, injured and sick military folk. I have been doing bits and bobs for them since 2012. Here we were with the old crowd of them doing some winter training and preparations of Aircraft for a future Antarctic trip in a few years time.

The pilots here are now getting quite experienced and our pilot tutors are hugely experienced. Still the chance of a few bumps though as people get used to landing on ski’s in the snow.

I filmed and made a film each day although we had a few days where the weather was to bad to do anything so I didn’t film these days:) These are the two last films I made on the trip where there was a little drama but all ended well and lessons were learnt:)

We awake to amazing weather this morning in Sweden. Great views and no wind. We prep the aircraft early and start getting them warmed up. Andy Phillips one of the Flying for Freedom pilots heads up first for several flybys and landings. He does a great job on pretty hard sticky snow.
What happened after Luke's crashing of the microlight. Kat still had to pop up for her first flight on snow just after seeing Luke crash!. Was Luke OK and if he was would he fly again?

FEBRUARY 2019 - Ski Instructional films Val d'Isere

Headed back to Val d'Isere this year to continue with our instructional films. This time with Level 4 alpine skiing. Slightly better than I can ski hahaha.

I even lost half a stone skiing this week and trying to keep up:)

The skiers are Lynn Mill, Giles Lewis and Roy Henderson. All part of the British association of Ski Instructors:)

JANUARY 2019 - Ocean Swift trailer edit

This past summer I was invited onboard 'Ocean Swift'. A boat entirely built by a mate JT (John Taylor) and his Dad. As in he even built an oven to ben the glass windows to fit!!

It is now probably the fastest Catamaran for its type there is:) To find out more about the boat goto:…/ and

During this week at see every single place I saw was new to me, even where we left from on the main land:)

Joining us onboard was the Wildlife filmmaker Andrew O'Donnell Of Beluga Lagoon (who filmed this wee trailer with myself) and his mate Mark and then Zoe who is an Antarctic person like myself and JT. We traveled out to St Kilda on his Catamaran via, corrievreckan whirlpools, Mull, Staffa, Uist, Monarch Isles, etc. On St Kilda we had three mates working there so it was good to see them and see the spectacular island:)

Longer film to come when I get a moment to my own projects:)

JANUARY 2019 - Winterwatch (Same as Springwatch but in Winter)

So Winterwatch and the rest of the watches come to the Cairngorms for the year and I am lucky enough to get the aerial filming contract for the series:)

This was a great week as the crew and presenters are all superb people and a good crack.

Me taking the place of the Welshman on the presenter line up:)

Me taking the place of the Welshman on the presenter line up:)

JANUARY 2019 - ITV 'This Morning' Torode on the Road

Heres just a wee clip I filmed on my TV of the last in 5 video clips from This Morning on ITV which I filmed, did sound, drone and lighting, Anthony Brown Directed and did second camera. Natalie Bloxham produced and generally sorted all the cooking stuff ready for John Torode to do his magic with actually cooking. My first cook show and I thought it would be sort of pretend cooking. But no it was incredibly great tasting food every time:)

We filmed at the beautiful Alladale Estate which was awesome and covered in snow. I did my first live broadcast through the Inspire 2 with X7 camera. The Cendance controller with its SDI output worked perfectly for it. Got an Adrenline rush there:) Next stop Sardinia with ITV and Gino D'Acampo for my second cooking show:)

DECEMBER 2019 - Scottish Mountain Rescue training weekend

A great fun time spent filming with the Scottish Mountain Rescue teams as they had their annual training weekend where all the teams get together.

I was doing a bit of everything film wise here, Drone operator, Cameraman, Sound, Lighting and editing final films. One film of the weekend for sponsors, two safety notice films for public, a few interviews and an internal training film. They are always a fun bunch to work with and a helicopter landed for us too. Got to do a bit of drone to drone filming too with the Drone rescue team.

NOVEMBER 2018 - ITV 'This Morning'

I was asked to take part as a drone operator to film a bit in Scotland for ‘This Morning’ ITV. This grew to me filming everything with Drone and ground cameras and doing the sound and lighting. A very busy but fun day filming about ‘The art of the Coorie’ A word I just heard about at the the time. West coast word I believe.

We filmed in several local locations around Aviemore and with many locals I knew. River, loch, swimmers, hills, forest and indoor scenes and finishing with a pub scene:)

NOVEMBER 2018 - In house safety training

Today I spent a day taking part in some in house safety training with This is the company I do a bit of work for doing the safety on the big film sets like Mary Queen of Scots, Outlaw King ($100m budget) and Pokemon ($130m budget) this past year.

We headed out into the sea to do some sea rescues and coasteering. A few of the team are specialists in this and many of us are more mountain and river based so great to get some gems of info from them. Also to get hands on swimming with a casualty back to shore through the waves. Pretty hard work!


NOVEMBER 2018 - Wavesport Kayak Advert

A few days spent with a great bunch of guys and girls filming the new Pheonix kayak to make an advert and a few Instagram short pieces for its launch. River levels were low the first day but we still managed some good angles that made it look better. The second day filming we had much larger water levels on the Falloch that worked brilliantly in-between the rain:) Ed Smith a brilliant kayaker himself was out getting the inspiring stills for the launch too.

NOVEMBER 2018 - Japanese Television NHK.

A bit of drone filming for my fourth Japanese job this year. This time a TV Series on British Aristocrats. A couple of stills from the day. The trees did look cool as the long shadows of this time of year stay with us on the sunny days.

NOVEMBER 2018 - Russwood timber films

Several films I made with local timber company Russwood went live this month.

Russwood offer an extensive range of external cladding, including locally grown Scottish Larch, Siberian Larch, Architect Select® Western Red Cedar, and Accoya®, as well as solid and engineered European oak flooring and naturally durable commercial decking. As timber specialists, we pride ourselves in offering unrivalled technical advice to assist our customers in achieving their project vision.