JUNE 2017: Flying for Freedom, WW1 Western Front

An incredible three weeks filming with Flying for Freedom in flex-wing microlights.  We did our first sea crossing over the Channel then flew the front lines of WW1 100 years to the day sometimes within an hour (and 100 years) of when Britain took the lines back from the Nazis.

I have done all of Flying for Freedoms filming since 2012 you can check out their films at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4VcFnKqTr-i2EsQrjVxvgA

Below is one of the ten films made during this trip all made on the laptop while camping:)

The team head to visit Lochnagar Crater, a huge crater (70m Deep) created by an underground explosion in mines below the German stronghold. The British tunnel from behind our lines at an angle downhill then horizontally across underneath our lines and forward to the German lines.