FEBRUARY 2019 - Sweden with Flying for Freedom

I headed to Sweden for a few weeks with ‘Flying for Freedom’. This is a group who work with wounded, injured and sick military folk. I have been doing bits and bobs for them since 2012. Here we were with the old crowd of them doing some winter training and preparations of Aircraft for a future Antarctic trip in a few years time.

The pilots here are now getting quite experienced and our pilot tutors are hugely experienced. Still the chance of a few bumps though as people get used to landing on ski’s in the snow.

I filmed and made a film each day although we had a few days where the weather was to bad to do anything so I didn’t film these days:) These are the two last films I made on the trip where there was a little drama but all ended well and lessons were learnt:)

We awake to amazing weather this morning in Sweden. Great views and no wind. We prep the aircraft early and start getting them warmed up. Andy Phillips one of the Flying for Freedom pilots heads up first for several flybys and landings. He does a great job on pretty hard sticky snow.
What happened after Luke's crashing of the microlight. Kat still had to pop up for her first flight on snow just after seeing Luke crash!. Was Luke OK and if he was would he fly again?